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Vinyl Home Siding | Vinyl Siding Estimates and Costs

Vinyl siding is used in more newly built and renovated homes than any other type of siding, and it's easy to see why. Vinyl siding is very affordable, for one thing, and it is low maintenance, looks good, and is long lasting. It is a sound investment for most homeowners.

Vinyl also comes in an amazing array of colors and styles, including woodgrain and other patterns, so that you can create any look you want including stone and shingles. And there are many other benefits of vinyl siding that you will also come to appreciate as you learn more about it.

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Vinyl House Siding -- A Great Home Improvement Option

Inexpensive to Install

One reason vinyl is a popular siding option is that it not only has a lower purchase price than brick, stone, wood, or metal, but it is simply cheaper to install as well. Also, unlike wood, it doesn't require repainting or restaining, which is a strong selling point for many homeowners. Repainting, even if you do it once every ten years, is an expensive project, even if you do it yourself. A good painting job, with the surface properly prepared, can cost as much as getting new vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding, on the other hand, doesn't need painting, and it comes in the colors you want for your house. Rinsing it with a hose every six months or so (depending on where you live and how much dust is in the air) is all you really need to do to keep it looking good and performing well. View vinyl home siding images.

Vinyl Siding Offers Great Protection

Vinyl siding is hardy and can withstand severe temperature extremes. It can take subzero temperatures and heat up to 160 degrees, which far exceeds even a Death Valley heat wave. It is plastic, though, and will melt if subjected to high heat, so take care to keep your barbecue grills, smokers, and outdoor heat lamps a safe distance from your vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is also reasonably resistant to fading, so even a hot summer sun will likely have little impact on the appearance of your vinyl siding.

Vinyl also acts as a protective shield against the harsher natural elements. It is resistant to high winds, and even in severe storms it holds up better than wood or other materials. It's also more resistant to moisture and water than many other siding materials, so it is less likely to develop problems with mold or mildew. You do have to be careful not to get water behind the vinyl panels, however, so make sure your flashing is doing its job well.

Your vinyl siding might even save you some money on your energy bills, because it reflects heat rather than absorbing it. During the warmer months, it might just help you cut down on your AC use.

Vinyl Siding Is Durable and Long Lasting

Vinyl siding may not compare with brick or natural stone, which can last for centuries, but it can last at least as long as you will. It isn't as susceptible to scratches or dents like aluminum is, and it won't rust even if you do scratch it (aluminum will). It won't experience woodrot or termites like wood shingles or clapboard, and it's less likely to suffer from mold or mildew.

If a piece of vinyl is damaged (perhaps by an errant baseball), just replace the panel in question. It's easy to do, and most likely your manufacturer offers a lifetime, transferable warranty. They're that confident in the durability of vinyl siding! Not many products are supported so vigorously or confidently.

Vinyl Siding Can Really Beautify Your Home

Today's vinyl siding for your home offers countless choices in colors and styles. The abundance of colors is one reason vinyl siding has become so popular. Even if you want a more specific shade, it's easy enough to get you just order it directly from the factory. Vinyl siding manufacturers will match nearly any color imaginable.

Manufacturers are more than happy to work with you on this, because it extends the life of your vinyl siding. Vinyl made to your exact specifications is a much better option than painting the siding after it's installed. While you can repaint your vinyl siding, your results may vary due to the natural expanding and contracting your siding experiences during seasonal changes.

Today's homeowner also has a variety of choices for the trim and the texture. Finishes can be glossy or matte, or made to look a completely different material. Vinyl siding can be textured to look like wood, stone, brick, or even logs. Without getting up close and personal with your siding, most passersby would never be able to tell that your river rock siding is really textured vinyl.

Very Low Maintenance

Cleaning vinyl siding is easy and doesn't require many tools just a garden hose, and maybe a soft-bristled brush. Rinse off the dirt every six months or so, and it's an easy task. Do it once a year or even less frequently, and you might have to scrub a little. If you do have apply a little elbow grease, just mix 1/3 cup mild laundry detergent and 2/3 cup powdered household cleaner (Spic and Span) with a gallon of water. Then use a brush or chamois to wash the siding from the bottom to the top, and rinse from the top down. What could be easier?

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