Liquid Vinyl Siding

Liquid Vinyl Siding

Liquid vinyl siding uses super-thin layers of gas-filled microspheres about the thickness of a credit card to coat the outside of a structure. Manufactured with high quality PVC vinyl resin and polymers, Liquid vinyl siding outlasts ordinary paint by decades. Applied in a multi-step process, these tiny particles create a durable, long lasting envelope that reflects heat, protecting a building from temperature extremes year after year. Numerous case studies in extremely demanding environments in many countries around the world have demonstrated the resilience of liquid vinyl siding.

For over 20 years, home and business owners have relied upon liquid vinyl siding for a maintenance-free exterior. In fact, its unmatched consistency and quality control, confirmed by independent laboratory studies, enable many liquid siding manufacturers to offer a 25-year, transferable guarantee on liquid siding installations.

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Liquid Vinyl Siding

Attractiveness - Since the color is formulated right into the vinyl, the exterior maintains a 'freshly painted' look that lasts for years. In addition, it's available in a broad palette of shades and can be custom matched to any color you choose. At the same time, because it simply forms a coating, it will not change the architectural appearance of the home and has been approved in historic districts and communities with strict architectural review board standards.

Practical Advantages - Liquid vinyl is a shrewd investment that will actually save you money on painting and exterior maintenance. The luxurious finish is easy to clean and mildew resistant. The technical superiority of vinyl coating, the result of advanced manufacturing technologies employed in the plants where liquid vinyl siding is produced, is superior in durability and protection to standard paints and other coatings because it is able to survive the harshest types of weather without wearing out, ensuring a lasting, low-maintenance finish so you don't have to worry about upkeep.

Maintenance and Upkeep - Liquid vinyl siding's unique composition resists fading, mold, mildew, and dirt. It's also vapor permeable: moisture that's normally trapped beneath the surface passes through as vapor, eliminating exposure to destructive mold, algae, and spores by eradicating the moisture build-up that causes mold growth. You can forget about power washing. Simply hose it off to keep it clean. In fact, your home will stay cleaner longer because its anti-static nature doesn't attract dust and dirt. Finally, the elasticity of liquid siding means it can stretch up to 645% and still recover its original shape. The natural settling and shifting of buildings causes stress that can result in cracks or splits with ordinary coverings but you'll never need to 'touch up' cracks, because liquid siding literally stretches to maintain its finish and keep your home sealed from the elements.

Reduced Energy Costs - Liquid vinyl Siding reflects more heat than light-colored vinyl siding, brick, or even white paint. Scientifically proven to reduce building energy loss, liquid vinyl siding's thermal coating has unmatched energy efficiency that will save you money on heating and cooling. In fact, the energy loss reducing properties of liquid siding are so exceptional that it has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Energy Star partner for its ability to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs.

Eco-Friendly - Liquid vinyl siding helps you to safeguard the environment. Liquid Siding's eco-friendly composition and application process release no harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and unlike vinyl siding, it contains no carcinogens.

Liquid vinyl siding saves money and prevents damage to your home, so your property will look fantastic from the first day and for years to come.

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