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Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding is sometimes referred to as "barn siding" and can be seen on barns across the U.S. While this traditional use of board and batten siding gave it its nickname, it is now very common in use in homes, sides of buildings, garages and even sheds. Board and Batten siding is one of the more cost-effective and basic ways to provide a rustic look for your home or garage.

There are many material choices that you can use if you want to get the look of board and batten siding. Cedar and knotty pine boards will provide a rustic look. Fir or spruce siding can be painted and will offer a smoother appearance.

Regardless of the material use, the siding is installed in the same way. There is a vertical board that is placed on the exterior of your structure. Smaller strips of wood, which are the battens, are then placed between these vertical pieces to fill in the gaps.

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How Board and Batten Siding Is Done

The width of your board will affect the placement of your nails. For six-inch boards, you should fasten it to the horizontal blocking lines using a nail in the center of the piece. If the board is eighth inches wide, you should use two nails, three inches apart, to fasten it. The batten should be placed so that it is overlapping a portion of the two boards it is in between and then nailed to the horizontal blocking line behind it. View Board and Batten Pictures.

Recommendations For This Type of Siding

You should use good quality wood and experienced contractors when using the board and batten approach. In this way, you will have siding that last longer than has been installed properly. Although these choices can be more expensive, you will not have to replace the siding for a while, saving you money and headaches in the end.

Issues with Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding should be inspected annually. You should check for any split boards, premature rotting, or insect infestation. Any damaged pieces of the siding should be replaced immediately to prevent further spreading and rot.

Board and Batten siding is one of many options to using wood for your home or structure. There is wood, log, log cabin vinyl, James Hardie, or redwood siding that will provide your home with a distinctive wood look. If you do go with board and batten siding, you should be aware of the proper installation techniques and care methods to ensure a long lasting and beautiful exterior.

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