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Everyone has an opinion about aluminum siding, though the opinions vary broadly. Some people think of aluminum siding as modern, economic, and stylish; others think of rustic surroundings while some picture industrial settings; and still others associate aluminum siding with outdated styles and suburban clichés.

People have wildly different perceptions about aluminum siding because it's a popular and reliable siding material that's been used for almost a century, and they've undoubtedly seen its many different forms.

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Aluminum Siding: The Pros and Cons

Aluminum siding has been a building industry staple since the 1950s, but was first introduced in the early 1900s. At first it was only available unpainted, until Alside invented a baked-on enamel process. After the restrictions of WWII were lifted, aluminum siding became a popular choice, and by 1961, some 3 million US homes featured aluminum siding.

Today, throughout the world, you'll find homes and buildings with aluminum siding. It's popular with builders and consumers for many reasons, chief among them its durability. View Aluminum Home Siding Pictures.

Aluminum siding offers homeowners a trustworthy, affordable alternative to vinyl siding. It has many benefits. Like vinyl, it's easy to install, and doesn't require much maintenance. It is waterproof, rust-resistant, completely unattractive to bugs, and won't rot.

Aluminum siding provides an excellent shield against all that Mother Nature throws at it it can withstand temperature extremes, intense weather conditions (high winds, etc.), impact (hail, debris), and fire.

In fact, millions of homeowners have chosen aluminum siding because of its fire-resistant qualities, such as the fact that it contains no asbestos, unlike many other fire-resistant forms of siding. Aluminum siding is also a healthier, more eco-friendly choice than vinyl. Not just during production when exposed to fire, vinyl siding releases toxic gases.

Contemporary aluminum siding is also very stylish, and is available in many great colors as well as realistic wood textures. Looks and performance these are the reasons aluminum siding has never gone out of style!

Maintenance, How to Maintain Your Aluminum House Siding

Aluminum siding is so durable and high-performing that most siding manufacturers offer 35- and 40-year or even lifetime warranties (some even offer transferable lifetime warranties). Still, as with any product, some care does need to be taken.

When maintaining aluminum siding, most of the attention that needs to be paid relates to maintaining the color vibrancy. Aluminum siding does tend to fade and dent over time, as part of the natural wear-and-tear, and it can also chalk. (A powdery residue eventually forms, due to exposure to the weather and the gradual disintegration of the factory finish.) If these issues aren't attended to in a timely fashion, the color damage can be irreversible. This can be avoided simply by washing your siding every once in a while, perhaps once a year.

Be sure to follow your manufacturer's guidelines on proper care and maintenance you don't want to void your warranty. Click for additional information on repairing aluminum siding.

Power Washing Your Aluminum Siding

Many homeowners find power washing to be the quickest and easiest way to maintain their siding. Be sure to select the right power washer and pressure level; not enough power and it won't get the job done, too much and you risk damaging your aluminum siding. You can spot-check on a panel or small portion that doesn't face the street or neighbors. Once you've determined the proper setting, just spray down your house and let it dry.

Painting Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding can be repainted, and a fresh coat of paint can really transform your home's appearance, making the color snap and sparkle again. If your budget allows for it, hiring a professional is often the quickest and most convenient option.

If you are a diehard DIYer or just want to save some money, you can tackle the job yourself, but it most likely won't be as fast or as easy. You'll also need the right equipment and materials, which is also an investment. You might want to think about what your time is worth sometimes it actually is cheaper, in the long run, to hire a siding contractor.

If your siding is chalky, the finish rubs off on you or your clothes, or you notice some cracking or flaking, it's definitely a sign that a new coat of paint is needed. Two tips for repainting your siding are to use a specially formulated primer, which will help the paint adhere and last longer, and to buy and paint a few extra panels at the same time. That way, if you should need to replace a damaged panel, it'll guarantee a color match.

Aluminum siding is a tough and popular choice with many color and style options. It is long-lasting and low-maintenance, with generous warranties. To make sure that you don't void those warranties, always follow your manufacturer's guidelines when cleaning or repainting your siding.

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