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Gentek Home Siding

For more than forty years, Gentek Building Products, Inc. has manufactured siding and accessories in beautiful styles and exquisite colors for neighborhood throughout North America. Gentek, a leading manufacturer of a wide range of aluminum and vinyl house siding, is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and serves more than 25,000 customers. With manufacturing plants located in both the United States and Canada, Gentek siding is readily available through an extensive distribution network.

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Gentek House Siding

Why is Gentek so popular? Industry-leading technology and innovation. First, Gentek siding is designed to make installation fast, foolproof, and effective. Second, Gentek takes the guesswork out of color and profile selection with its eVision™ Exterior Design Planner CD that enables qualified installers to produce a simulation of your finished home in just minutes. Finally, the company stands behind its product with a 40 year limited warranty that provides peace of mind to homeowners because it guarantees a one-time investment that delivers low maintenance and long-lasting good looks.

Gentek's exterior building products include a wide range of aluminum siding in both smooth and wood grain finishes in the following profiles: Cove, Clapboard, Vertical Board & Batten, and Vertical V. In addition to aluminum siding, the Gentek product line includes vinyl in Sequoia Select, Northern Forest, Advantage III, Berkshire Beaded, Concord, and Driftwood, wood-grained steel siding, and energy-efficient vinyl windows and accessories.

Throughout North America, Gentek is the popular choice of homeowners seeking genuine home siding quality and value based on products, craftsmanship, and service unrivaled in performance.

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