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Alside is one of the leading siding companies in North America, producing quality low maintenance vinyl and steel siding, soffits, and accessories. Alside is an industry giant in performance and innovation, with a 60-year track record that demonstrates its commitment to excellence in siding manufacturing and service in the home exteriors industry.

From siding and windows to railing, fencing, and rain systems, Alside produces over 30,000 building products that are recognized for their superior quality and performance. Supported by an outstanding warranty, Alside products are engineered to perform exceptionally even under extreme conditions, giving homeowners the peace of mind that security and value can bring.

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Alside Siding -- Continued

Alside's siding products are designed to be the most rigid, durable, color fast, and wind resistant possible. They also offer the industry's greatest selection of colors, architectural details, and woodgrain authenticity. Alside's Excalibur replacement window has been recognized as a Consumer Best Buy™ by Consumer Digest, and Alside has earned the Energy Star® Partner of the Year honors three times (consecutively) for its energy efficient windows.

Additionally, Alside is a charter member of the Vinyl Siding Institute, a voluntary industry association that guarantees that vinyl siding products conform to rigorous manufacturing and performance standards. Alside is also a charter member of the American Association of Architects, the National Association of Home Builders, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, trade organizations that require members to be professional, accountable, and superior in all facets of performance, from product quality to customer service.

About Alside

Based in Ohio, with manufacturing centers in six states, Alside is an all-American family of brands. The company started in 1947, when Jerome Kaufman and his brother Mickey tapped into the post-WWII building boom by applying lessons learned from US wartime technology. Jerome, who ran one of the largest retail home improvement dealers in America, took note of how paint bonded to aluminum fuselages on WWII planes and invented the first baked enamel aluminum siding.

Kaufman's innovation revolutionized the aluminum siding industry by effectively eliminating post-installation painting. Pre-punched, pre-cut panels from roll formers were conveyed, sprayed, and baked in infrared ovens. Alside's white, cream, or gray panels suddenly made aluminum siding a truly attractive, minimal-maintenance option for homeowners and businesses.

Alside rapidly became one of the largest consumers of sheet aluminum in the world. After Alside grossed over a million in aluminum siding sales, competitors such as Reynolds also began producing pre-painted siding. By the 1950s, it was standard practice.

Resource restrictions during the Korean War created some conflict in the 1950s, but it also created opportunity and growth. Many smaller manufacturers were unable to cope with the limitations on civilian projects, while larger companies were able to survive by working with the defense industry. Some of Alside's major competitors, such as Reynolds and Kaiser, decided that government intervention made the aluminum siding industry too unpredictable, and redirected their energies to become sheet suppliers rather than manufacturers.

Alside then opened up distribution channels with the introduction of Alside Supply Centers in 1952, ramping up their ever-increasing production needs through greater exposure and public demand. In 1960, the company moved from Akron to its current location in Cuyahoga Falls and went public.

In just a decade, the company had become a leading force in the aluminum siding industry: In 1951, the company had generated $6 million in revenue; in1960, sales topped $23 million.

Soon it was to become a major player in all facets of the siding industry. In 1965, Alside introduced steel siding, stone siding, and brick panels. In 1968, Kaufman sold Alside to US Steel, and Alside, now a subsidiary, quickly became the industry's leading manufacturer of both aluminum and steel siding.

In the 1970s, Alside expanded its product line and began manufacturing aluminum windows and doors, aluminum replacement windows, and vinyl siding. In 1980, they began producing vinyl replacement windows. By 1983, the company was generating $200 million in sales, a far cry from the family-owned 1947 Akron startup.

In 1984, US Steel sold Alside to Associated Materials and Alside began focusing more energy on its vinyl line of products, opening additional production facilities in Texas, Iowa, and North Carolina. As vinyl increased in popularity and aluminum increased in price, Alside made the decision to sell its aluminum siding production equipment to Alcan in 1989.

By the early 1990s, Alside was a major force in the vinyl exterior industry, manufacturing garage doors and fencing as well as siding and replacement windows. In 1995, the company added new construction vinyl windows to its product line with the Performance Series, and in 1996 marked an industry milestone with the introduction of its Charter Oak™ premium vinyl siding. Two years later, Alside produced its six millionth window, introduced its double-locking CenterLock ™ siding, and added ornamental siding to its product line with its Architectural Shakes™.

In the 21st century, Alside expanded its focus on decorative siding by rolling out its Pelican Bay® brand of polypropylene shakes, scallops, and hand-split shakes; adding a 6-color Architectural Color Collection to its Charter Oak® siding; and introducing staggered shakes and shingles to its Architectural™ Series. The firm launched its Cypress Creek™ line of variegated siding to replicate the natural beauty of authentic cedar siding, and also incorporated a number of new style options for many of its product lines, such as clapboard, nail hem, and Dutch lap.

The company also bolstered its reputation for energy efficiency by introducing Charter Oak® Energy Elite insulated siding, Platinum Series™ insulated products, and Prodigy® Next Generation insulated siding.

Alside Vinyl Performance and Color

Today, Alside offers top-of-the-line vinyl and steel siding products, as well as a host of attractive, high-performance trim and other accessories, all backed by one of the industry's strongest warranties. With a history of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Alside's products are supported by a network of over 90 national Supply Centers as well as independent distributors, and offer the superior engineering and aesthetics of 60 years worth of know-how and integrity.

Alside's advanced siding products are the result of uncompromised dedication to performance ideals that exceed industry standards. Combining engineering ingenuity with an unyielding commitment to quality and value has produced exceptional ingredients that, together, create the industry's most respected and best performing siding. Among them are the PureStrength™ PVC resin that gives Alside vinyl siding its strength and moisture resistant capabilities, and keeps it from shrinking, warping, or expanding in response to temperature changes; the Ti-Shield™ titanium dioxide that prevents ultraviolet damage; and the StayRight™ PVC stabilizers that minimize the effects of heat during production and after installation.

In addition to numerous styles that range from Dutch lap to beaded to clapboard, Alside provides a complex color palette enriched by high-tech, resilient, low-gloss finishes such as ChromaTrue™ and TrueShield™. These protective exterior layers are intensely durable and provide additional fortification against chemicals, dents, dings, and scratches. In fact, Alside's siding is available with the industry's best and longest (it's even transferable!) fade-coverage warranty.

The low-gloss feature of finishes such as the rugged copolymer ChromaTrue™ produces a more realistic woodgrain appearance, and the defense offered by Alside's tough protective finishes enables the company to offer a broader range of colors one of the widest in the industry.

The Contemporary Color Collection includes the most popular exterior colors today, with 15 mostly neutral and earth tones ranging from white to cream and parchment, and from moss to sage and clay. The Architectural Color Collection is a dramatic 6-color suite available in the Charter Oak® family of siding products and Trimworks® accessories. It includes three rich, bold colors autumn red, ivy, and harbor blue and the more subdued natural tones of heather, slate, and walnut.

Both color collections are supported by the ColorConnect® matching system. This carefully organized system ensures that whatever combination of siding, soffit, and trim homeowners choose, the colors are always complementary and stunning.

Alside Vinyl Brands

Alside offers long-lasting, high quality vinyl siding in 13 different product lines, all with the promise of energy efficiency, unmatched beauty, and maintenance that requires little more than a pass with a garden hose.

Prodigy® Next Generation siding is one the most energy efficient siding products available today. Prodigy® boasts an R-value of 5.3, the look and feel of milled lumber, and significant energy reductions that can boost the value of a home as well as lower yearly energy bills.

The flagship Charter Oak® brand includes four distinct products, an authentic wood appearance, and exceptional performance capabilities. It's also available in 20 dynamic colors and the ChromaTrue® finish. Charter Oak® XL and XXL are available in extended lengths for a more seamless presentation, and Charter Oak® Energy Elite incorporates a thermally efficient insulating foam for even greater energy performance.

Cypress Creek™ variegated siding offers the authentic beauty of cedar siding in six attractive natural shades, such as hemlock and acorn. Alside's vinyl siding products also include the vertical siding of its Board and Batten brand, the extra strength and wind resistance of CenterLock®'s mid-panel locking system, the historic appeal of its Williamsport® Colonial Beaded, and more. Each Alside vinyl siding brand is available in a variety of profiles, lengths, and widths, but all offer the high windload capacity, impact and moisture resistance, and color consistency that have earned Alside top ratings in product quality.

Decorative Accents

For richer architectural profiles and greater dramatic impact, Alside also features three distinct decorative brands of shake, scallops, and shingles. Architectural Classics®, the original line of historically accurate vinyl shingle sidings, offers stunningly realistic cedar scallops, shakes, rough-sawn staggered shakes, and shingles in varying widths and exposures.

Pelican Bay® shakes, scallops, and hand-split shakes are secured by the LinkTite system and boast the look and feel of authentic cedar. Rugged polypropylene materials guarantee that these shingles will never crack, split, flake, warp, or rot. Uneven surfaces and woodgrain edges heighten the natural appearance of these durable shingles. Backed by a robust warranty, Pelican Bay® shingles are among the industry's best performing, and can withstand winds up to 160 mph.

Pelican Bay® One builds on the promise of the Pelican Bay® brand, adding a unique Cape Cod style shingle to the mix. Pelican Bay® One shakes and scallops offer extended lengths and continuous panel locking for a more seamless appearance. They never need to be painted, and can endure Category 5 hurricane force winds.

Alside Steel

The company may have established itself as the first name in aluminum siding, but Alside also recognized the superior benefits of steel as a high quality, high performance, low maintenance siding material . Today, Alside offers the resilient, easy maintenance option of steel siding in a variety of colors and styles, including strikingly realistic woodgrain.

Consumers choose steel siding for its strength, durability, and ease of care. Steel siding can survive fire and is highly impact resistant. It can withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds exceeding 160 mph, is corrosion resistant, and does not attract or host bugs. The cleaning regimen for steel siding is a quick rinse with a simple garden hose.

Alside steel siding is made of first class galvanized steel topped by a durable, virtually impervious layer of PVC for increased resilience. A low-gloss finish enhances the natural look of woodgrain patterns and textures, and color-fast technology results in not only longer-lasting colors, but also a much broader range to choose from.

Alside produces two lines of Satinwood® brand steel siding in three classic profile styles: clapboard, Dutch lap, and board and batten. The Satinwood® line is available in single and double exposures in a natural woodgrain. Satinwood® steel siding is offered in 11 contemporary colors, all offering the sophisticated support of the integrated ColorConnect® color matching system to ensure timeless and harmonious beauty.

Satinwood® Variegated steel siding offers double exposures for enhanced climate protection. Satinwood® Variegated is available in a stained, non-repeating cedar woodgrain pattern with four rich, multi-toned natural shades: winter oak, southern pecan, poplar, and sycamore.

Both Satinwood® brands are backed by an amazing limited lifetime transferable warranty, which includes 50 years of hail protection.

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