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Alcoa Home Exteriors is one of America's leading manufacturers of premium vinyl and aluminum siding, aluminum trim, shutters, and other home improvement products designed to boost curb appeal and improve performance. Alcoa's high-quality products are durable, beautiful, insular, and popular in all segments of today's home market, from new construction to remodeling and even light commercial.

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Alcoa House Siding

The Alcoa brand promises customers quality and durability, backed by warranties that are heralded as the "best in the business." Alcoa has developed a broad range of product lines, categorized from 'super premium' to 'economy,' to meet the varying performance needs of its consumers. Each distinct level affords a different combination of strength, insulation, and cost.

Alcoa's Mastic® brand is a pioneer in creating innovative, efficient, long-lasting vinyl siding for today's demanding homeowners. Mastic® Premium Siding can be found on one out of every four homes with vinyl siding.

Alcoa Home Exteriors offers homeowners and builders an expansive portfolio of colors, beginning with 700 beautiful shades in their DreamColorâ„¢ palette, as well as a custom color-matching service. Many simulated wood grains, such as aspen, chestnut, walnut, and cedar, are among the finish options. Alcoa siding is also designed to meet the numerous different architectural needs of the modern homeowner, with vinyl, molded, and aluminum siding available in styles such as roughsawn cedar singles, hand split shake, Dutch lap wood grain, beaded smooth, insulated straight wood grain, and many more.

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