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Home Siding Articles -- Continued

Certified Vinyl Siding - Vinyl siding is also the only exterior siding product to offer certification. In fact, the vinyl siding industry makes two distinct certifications available, both determined by an independent, accredited inspection agency. One certification is a third-party product certification, and the other is a certified installer program. Both certification programs are sponsored by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI).

Exterior Siding Options - If you're looking to make a dramatic change to the exterior appearance of your home, the type of siding you choose certainly fits the bill. There are many types of siding available, each with its own distinctive look.

Home Vinyl Siding - Home siding is becoming a more and more popular choice for home exteriors, and for good reason. Vinyl siding is inexpensive and easy to install, it offers great protection, it is durable, is low in maintenance, and is offered in a wide array of colors and styles to fit your home perfectly.

House Siding Contractors - Of course, after some time you may need to replace the siding, and the realization that you need to replace your siding isn't nearly as difficult for some people to deal with as is the prospect of choosing a siding contractor.

Siding and Home Values - Siding and Home Values -- HGTV recently aired their top 20 home improvement ROI (return on investment) projects. Home siding topped the list, adding, on average, between 80% and 110% of the cost of the project to the value of your home. This means that if you spent $5000 on new home siding, you can expect to add nearly $10,000 to the value of your home. The reason is that first impressions go a long way and siding that is done right can look absolutely amazing.

Siding and Woodpeckers - You may have loved Woody Woodpecker when you were a child, but chances are you don't think so fondly of his real-life cousins, out there battering your wood siding. Aside from the damage, it's noisy and constant and irritating, and they really don't care what time of day it is or what you were trying to do. (Such as sleep.) You might be wondering what it is they love so much about your house. Is your siding particularly tasty? Should you be worried that you have termites or something? Or do they just plain not like you?

Repainting Exterior Siding - While you add up how many hours, muscles, and dollars you've saved by just rinsing your aluminum or vinyl siding periodically, think also about the genuine opportunity this necessity presents: Now is a perfect time for you to give your home a dramatic makeover, and you can do it just by changing paint colors.

Repairing Aluminum Siding - The first thing you want to do, after assessing the situation, is to look at your warranty. Many home siding manufacturers today offer unbelievably long-lasting, comprehensive warranties on their siding, protecting against defects in workmanship and installation, among other things. Before you do anything that might void your warranty, read the fine print and find out what is, or isn't, covered.

Replacing Siding End Caps - Aluminum siding is very durable and will last for decades as long as it's well taken care of, which in most cases just involves hosing it down once in a while. Sometimes, however, your aluminum siding might need a little bit more TLC to remove dents, for instance. Keeping your siding in good shape, and fixing blemishes and damaged areas as soon as possible, will extend the life of your siding and protect your investment.

Vinyl Siding Costs and Prices - Are you considering vinyl siding? It's a great option for any budget-minded homeowner. Vinyl siding is the all-around best choice in siding, in terms of both cost and performance. It's inexpensive and attractive, so it'll improve the look of your home without breaking your budget. It'll also protect and insulate, and increase the resale value.

Vinyl Siding Colors - Create the look of real wood without the work with multi-colored vinyl siding! Vinyl siding is among the most popular contemporary coverings for the home exteriors. If you want your home to stand out from the others on the block, selecting different vinyl siding colors will surely do the trick.

What Is Vinyl Siding? - What is vinyl siding? Probably every article you've ever read about vinyl siding states that it is a form of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. The article then goes on to tell you what an excellent value vinyl siding is, and lists all the performance benefits of choosing it for your home. One thing it probably never mentions again, though, is polyvinyl chloride. Well. Polyvinyl chloride, of course.

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